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Analysts estimate when `die` iOS and Android
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23.01.2012 17:05:23
According to analysts, the life cycle of iOS and Android is 10 years old and soon they will decline.
Analysts estimate when `die` iOS and Android

According to analysts Strategy Analytics in conjunction with colleagues at RBC Capital Market, operating systems iOS and Android have about 5 years before their decline. "History tells us that the operating system reaches its peak in the middle of a 10-year life cycle," - says one of the authors of the study, an analyst at RBC Capital Market Mark Sue.

Thus, analysts say, as soon as iOS and Android reached the peak of his popularity. Specific dates are not indicated but are reminded that iOS actually entered the market with the first iPhone in June 2007, then a system called iPhone OS, and has been closed - the tools to develop applications appeared only a year later.

Regarding Android, this system was announced in November 2007 and the first smartphone based on it went on sale in October 2008

Thus, analysts suggest that the peak of iOS will be reached within 5 years after the sale of the first iPhone, you are in the middle of this year, while Android - at the end of 2013. At the same time, according to other experts, the report was rather scanty in detail, devoid of weighty arguments and evidence theory a 10-year cycle.

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