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HTC Explorer - an inexpensive Android-smartphone
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29.03.2012 11:43:43
We present an overview of the new smartphone from HTC
HTC Explorer - an inexpensive Android-smartphone

HTC, like Samsung, has made a name for himself by producing high-tech Android phones to large format films and high-level speculation, though both companies have dabbled in the entry-level smartphones for many years. 2012 - the year where the battle really begins.

Possible Android HTC heritage can be traced to the Tatoo Model 2009, which showed a tiny 2.8-inch touch screen, but still had enough power to run all the basic services of Google.

Over the years HTC has made tiny models Wildfire and Wildfire S, but they are increasingly becoming more powerful and expensive. Wildfire S uses the same unibody aluminum foil design. With 3.2-inch, 320 * 480 and a plastic case with a touch screen, Explorer - is the cheapest Smartphone HTC already, but it may take new competitors and offer the ultimate bargain Android?

HTC Explorer - an inexpensive Android-smartphone

We were a little surprised HTC Explorer, when it was announced late last year. HTC seemed happy to leave the cutthroat world of cheap smart phones, but suddenly launches Wildfire S. 512 MB of memory and a mediocre processor at 600 MHz and a screen shot directly from the cheapest model of the company in May 2011 and the plastic housing. This movement is not without its merits: textured plastic, a much more robust and protected from scratching than aluminum, and all ports are present: a 3.5-millimeter audio jack, MicroUSB.

Unfortunately, though, his girth (12.9 mm) seems a bit excessive when compared with the thin and attractive Huawei Blaze (11.2 mm, with tapered edges that seem to be thinner), which can be found for about half the price of a fee as you go now, with almost identical specs, including the chamber of the same quality as a poor sensor 3.15 megapixels for researchers. Explorer also can not hope to compete with the quality of screens offered on smart phones Android ZTE prepaid by Orange as well. Its 3.2-inch, 320 x 480 capacitive touchscreen is responsive to the reminders, but markedly granular and the keyboard is too small to print at high speed. In contrast, in less than 100 euro, Orange San Francisco II II delivers 3.5-inch, 800 x 480 screen to be proud of, while only 120 euro, Orange Monte Carlo gives a huge 4.3-inch display is easy to print and to watch where HTC can hope to beat their competitors, however, with the software.

Android 2.3 Gingerbread on board the means by which most of the applications - and a lot of games - will run on HTC Explorer, even if they do not load at speed. Android is free for manufacturers to change, and HTC might do a better job all by carefully combining your Facebook and Twitter contacts to your address book and your phone showing the correct data when you call someone. Huawei, it should be noted, does not a hopeless case of the same thing on her recent handset Flame. You also get pre-installed application Talks Facebook, although why HTC is saved with this, it is not clear, because the conversation is built on the Android app Facebook. The novelty of this version of HTC Sense excellent, user-friendly widget home screen by default clocks and trays for your most used applications, plus an alarm notification.

We said before that it is - a pure choice of UI, we would like to see is available for more phones HTC. So far, it is only available to researchers and the HTC Rhyme, which is a shame. While the browser loads the speed and all the services the killer Google, like Maps and Gmail, work well, there are some basic service missing HTC, as they were on Wildfiree S. Applications without a GPS HTC data, locations, is not, as its movie download service, hours that are convenient and well-planned maintenance equivalent of iTunes Apple. HTC is to keep part of its contents for its leading phones, of course, but when HTC Explorer has a lower spec than the new competitors, those pieces of the puzzle are missing. Without them, HTC Explorer - Android average budget, which does not offer an impressive value that competitors offer in the offer for you to win today in the hope that you stick them in the coming years.

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