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New development from Apple - TV iPanel
Author : svn_dnepr
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09.04.2012 08:56:23
iPanel from Apple will be more than just TV. New development should be a multimedia center.
New development from Apple - TV iPanel

iPanel from Apple will be more than just TV. New development should be a multimedia center. appleinsider.ru Apple is preparing a multimedia center, Apple TV release under its own brand, which will be called iPanel, and not iTV, as previously thought, in the fourth quarter of 2012. About this site AppleInsider writes with reference to the analyst Jefferies & Co Peter Mizek. Mizek said that Apple would prefer a more general name, as is going to make a new product is not just a TV, a versatile multimedia center. In addition, the expert notes that the rights to the trademark owned by the same name by the British ITV television network, and it would create additional difficulties.

Mizek believes that iPanel cost about 1.25 thousand dollars, and sales will also increase interest in the TV to other devices, Apple, because introduce new people to the ecosystem, growing company. Experts have long predicted that Apple is developing its own model of TV, but officially this information is not confirmed yet. However, over time more and more analysts are inclined to believe that such a device really prepared by the company. Now in this area Apple offers only the prefix Apple TV, connected to your TV and allows you to watch movies and TV series, purchased from an online store iTunes Store. In the fourth calendar quarter of 2011, Apple sold 1.4 million of these devices. Rumors about the development of Apple TV has mainly come from informal sources close to the Asian partners of corporations that produce components and assemble finished products.

debut of Apple TV will probably get the same processor as the company's proprietary mobile devices (iPad / iPhone / iPod touch), and will be running a proprietary software platform iOS. According to rumors from Canada, where the local telecom operators Rogers and Bell have reportedly tested the TV from Apple, the novelty will also support voice control system of Siri, which first appeared in the smartphone iPhone 4S, released in October 2011. Savvy Voice assistant is provided with additional functions - it is now, for example, helps the user to select a program for viewing on the basis of personal preference. In addition, thanks to built-in TV camera owner will be able to make video calls, and manage your new device from Apple with gestures.

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