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With the new Google service everyone can create a personal channel
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08.05.2012 09:18:11
After graduating from the "live" video recording appears on the page in the social networks and video hosting YouTube.
With the new Google service everyone can create a personal channel

Google + Social Network open to all users of the function Hangouts On Air ("On Air"). It allows you to display video, which is removed, an unlimited number of people live. Videoconferencing service is present in the Google + from the start, but first in "Videovstreche" could participate up to ten people. Hangouts On Air continues to limit the number of participants in ten, but removes the limit on the number of viewers.

In his blog, Google has used Hangouts On Air broadcast on the Internet for master classes, concerts, and "round tables" and reports from the scene. To organize a mass broadcast of the video, the user must "link" in the Google + Account to an account on YouTube. When the "live" end, recording video will appear on the page in the social networks and video sharing. Function Hangouts On Air was introduced in September 2011, but until now has been available to a narrow circle of famous people. She took advantage, in particular, U.S. President Barack Obama and will.i.am, the leader of the U.S. pop group Black Eyed Peas.

ability to organize a "Videovstrechu" with an unlimited number of viewers will have users in 40 countries, including Ukraine. Google claims that this will happen in the coming weeks. Google + Social Network began work in June 2011. In April 2012, Google announced that the number of registered users in it exceeded 170 million.

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