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Soon everyone will be able to make money on YouTube
Author : svn_dnepr
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15.05.2012 11:58:12
Ukrainians will be able to earn money on advertising, which a month later we may be placed on YouTube.
Soon everyone will be able to make money on YouTube

In May and June will have the opportunity to earn on advertising, which is located on the musical content of the Ukraine to YouTube. This was told by the owner of the largest aggregator of music and entertainment content in Eastern Europe - YouTube channel ELLO Valery Sigal, wrote "The Case". "It's a great alternative source of income - is YouTube. In Ukraine is not visible now, but within a month and a half will be the adverts in all the music videos, concerts, songs, tracks. This will be a significant business for us and, hopefully, partners in Ukraine" - said Segal. It should be noted at this time the company has more than 100 partners - this is a big web of YouTube-channel, provides millions of hits a day.

"When we went to the market (about a year ago - ed.), advertising channels was generally low. Therefore, we have consolidated all the music content into a single whole, thus achieving significant results, a huge traffic, and after several months of work to we just moved the whole music business between the two countries, Ukraine and Russia ", - added Sigal. He also said that Steve Jobs - has been the only person who helped him in this business. "When he opened iTunes - he killed all of the music business," says Segal.

So, he said, all companies have lost huge revenue from the sale of CDs and started looking for alternative sources of income. Segal also noted that the future of YouTube and other forms of alternative TV.

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