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How to make a car trip safe in the heat
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21.08.2012 12:52:36
Hot weather in all affected differently. However, the statistics indicated that a very dangerous impact it has on drivers
How to make a car trip safe in the heat

hot weather at all affected differently. However, the statistics indicated that a particularly adverse effects it has on the drivers - on their speed of reaction, ability to concentrate is not only their personal safety. In addition, high air temperature affects the technical condition of the car.

How to protect yourself during the commission of a prolonged stay in the hot summer?

start with the technical condition of the car.

Before leaving do not forget to check the cooling system, oil level and tire pressure. Parks in the shade whenever possible.

now - about people.

Take care of your passengers. Before driving Check the salon. Do not leave children or animals in a locked car. Older people, especially in the case of long parking is also better not to stay in the cabin. Take it on the road, in addition to the usual set of kits needed for himself and his companions drugs. Heat can exacerbate hypertension, cardio-vascular system.

And now - a precaution especially for those who will be behind the wheel. Summer, with warmer air temperatures, fatigue occurs much more quickly, which can lead to an accident.

Do not try to get rid of fatigue and sleepiness with smoking, talking with passengers, strong coffee or tea.

Before long trip good night's sleep. In any case do not take sedatives or anti-allergic drugs.

not try to do long Stretches every half or two hours to 15 minutes, stop to rest.

If you smoke, always ventilate the interior - carbon dioxide cause drowsiness.

When you feel irresistibly tends to sleep, stop in a safe place and take a nap at least half an hour.

Not only that, taking these precautions, you will save your life and the lives of others, so also will not break the traffic rules, which prohibit the driver to operate the vehicle in a state of fatigue.

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