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Represented by the world's first digital newspaper for iPad
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03.02.2011 16:23:21
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch presented the first paper, which will be distributed solely through the iPad.
Represented by the world's first digital newspaper for iPad
In New York the long-awaited presentation of the world's first digital newspaper with a straightforward name of The Daily, created specifically for distribution via the iPad tablet from Apple. Despite the numerous examples of the spread of mass media on a platform of mobile platforms, offering Apple and News Corp. turned out to be a real breakthrough in the field of hi-tech and in the media market.
The publication is presented in person media mogul Rupert Murdoch and Apple's vice president for Internet projects Eddy Kew.
The newspaper, as its name implies, will be daily. Holders iPad (and no one else) can buy it as an attachment in e-shop App Store. The cost of a weekly subscription will be 99 cents, annual - $ 40. After loading the paper, it will automatically be updated each time a tablet.
Readers (at first they would only U.S. residents) will offer more than a hundred pages "unique content ". That the new newspaper has indeed become the new "a landmark of journalism, " chief editor Jesse Angelo, and publisher Greg Kleiman took the staff of about 100 writers "feathers 'and editors.
Incidentally, The Daily is ready to publish the staff of other publications (including those belonging to the Australian British The Times and the U.S. The Wall Street Journal) - but under the "unique information ".
One of the main advantages of electronic publication as compared with the gradually receding into the past printed counterparts seen its interactivity: the text will be accompanied not only movies, but even 3D-pictures. In addition, the subscriber will be able to choose for myself what kind of materials he is interested in creating their own news collection. Notes can be shared with friends - through Facebook, Twitter and via email.
Represented by the world's first digital newspaper for iPad
Spent on the project amount is significant - million order to recoup the The Daily, need to be involved, according to Murdoch, about 800 thousand readers. Meanwhile, profits will be shared with Apple, usually taking on a fee-paying applications 30% in the case of News Corporation the value of the commission, of course, may be different.

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