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On the company's largest ever need Yandex `` withdraw movie
Author : svn_dnepr
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22.08.2012 09:38:33
The film was the working title of `Start`.
On the company's largest ever need Yandex `` withdraw movie

Pro "Yandex" will remove a movie about the creators of "Yandex" - the largest search engine in runet - make a movie. The script for the new film will write Dmitry Sobolev ("The Island", "Truce"), and the director should chair Roman Karimov ("Inadequate people").

film has the working title "Startup." According to producer Irene Smolka, in the center, "startups" will not only "Yandex", but other IT-company. The film will be shown the history of the industry - from its inception in the early 1990s to the present day. "We have an example of IPO, which are the envy of Facebook. This is really a great success, and after meeting with the leadership of 'Yandex' I understand where it is growing," - she said. What actors played in "startups" is still unknown.

Note "Yandex" is the largest in terms of revenue IT-company in Russia. As a separate company it founded in 2000, Arkady Volozh and Ilya Segalovich. "Yandex" has about 60% market share. Share of Google - the main competitor of domestic companies - is about 25.5%. In May 2011, the first year of "Yandex" has spent a successful IPO on NASDAQ in the United States.

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