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Instructions for site promotion
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09.02.2011 16:39:19
Almost everyone knows that now there are many search engines, directories, rating sheets. But ...
Instructions for site promotion
1. Introduction:
Counters and ratings
Install counter and participate in ratings is necessary. But it is also important to understand why all this is necessary. Put more counters only count the number of visitors to your site is not necessary, however, like to participate in all existing ratings, too. From the standpoint of referinga makes sense "register " your page in those rankings, where it reaches the top ten or twenty. Better yet, participate only in the top rankings - Ranker, Rambler, Toplist. The greatest effect at present will give you Yandex - presence in the top twenty of any category of this rating can give about 50-100 visitors per day. To start the installation of 2.1 meter. Better if banneriki be the same size, eg 88 31 pixels. Do not forget that the abundance of the various buttons on the front page makes it lyapovaty form. Then you can continue to participate in the rating from your site had the highest number of visitors. And with the second experiment and find an optimal option. In particular, there are many specialized counters.
Exchange with sites on similar topics.
Try to persuade the owner to install your banner popular resource. But before you send out letters requesting to place your small ad, make a list of potentially useful sites for you. Direct competitors are unlikely to place your information, but those who work on "concurrent " topics, it may do so. Do not be greedy! Encourage your future friends advantageous conditions, or risk being left with nothing. After several months, the presence of your link or bannerika can evaluate whether it makes sense to continue to cooperate. For this we need to calculate, not too many go away from you to your friends and how many come from friends to you. Optimal, in my opinion is not hosted bannerika, and placing links. Better to ask to put a link to information materials, because clicking on it will be more likely, and most importantly, the user clicks on it more consciously. It is possible that one such visitor is better than five random. For example, a link to a site on cosmetology, placed in the article about the nails in Vesti.Ru be more clickable than in the same banner. Of course, it will be harder to negotiate, but to pay cash for advertising - not easier.
In terms of advertising is of great interest and distribution. After all, having a target audience, you can advertise different events. In addition, the newsletter necessarily help you in a timely manner to communicate to all users of your site's news. There are two variants of distribution, which is quite possible to combine. In the first case can be independently distributes through special programs. The main advantage of this method is complete control over the content of announcements. The second option you have to put all the technical side - storage addresses, statistics and archives, announcement in due time - paid or free services. The main drawback of free services is the fact that you have to share advertising, sometimes you just take all the advertising space. But, despite this significant disadvantage, there are also pluses. In exchange for advertising space you get a huge audience. So, for example by issuing a newsletter in Citycat (Subcribe.Ru), you get easy access to the management of subscriptions and archive. Advertising on your mailing list is placed on the home page and go to "News of the City Cat, " which receive more than 200 thousand people. On average, an increase of subscribers for 1-2 months is about 2-3 thousand people. Then the rate of decline - you will acquire up to 10 subscribers per week, 3-4 months - 5-6, 5-6 months - 2-3. Further development depends on the popularity of your site. If the number of patrons regularly increases, and the number of subscribers will grow.
The main mistake that people make when creating a resource that is excessive enthusiasm. Create a website, laid out a thousand pages, and the next update comes after a year. Experience shows that global, but the rare update the materials do not yield the expected result. Works best feedback scheme when the updates, though small, but regular. It is also necessary to pay attention to the primary announcement, announcing the opening of the site. Always a good idea to inform users about the opening of the resource through several sources simultaneously. If you send news every time a new edition, the likelihood that information will be posted decreases. If you want to go to the promotion of literacy, sit down and write a press release - a short article on his website. Tell us for whom this site is created that distinguishes it from others, as will develop in the future. Press release to be sent out to zines, a list which can be found in any ranking of the media. Most democratic resource is "Binoculars ". Attendance at the first page to 3-4 thousands of machines a day, the number of subscribers in this edition is close to 20 thousand. Special requirements to the news here. The main thing that the news was news and not pure advertising.
Advertise different "pyramid " sponsors are not worth it, because clickability banners of these systems is extremely low, so its 5 dollars you earn, at best, a year later. Participate in exchange of advertising projects - Reklama.Ru, LBE, RLE, etc. Among these "exchangers " there is a democratic, particularly where no fault with the content and appearance of your site, and there are the elite, where you can enter on the recommendation of the influential friends. If your site shows less than 1 thousand banners per day, the stream of visitors coming from advertising, will be minimal. Given that the average CTR, that is clickability banner networks, is 0,5 - 1,5%, with every thousand impressions will come 5-15 people. Do not forget that to draw a banner clickability above 1% is very difficult. However, demonstrations can be accumulated to at the right time to organize an advertising campaign.
Directories and Search Engines
After the discovery of the site makes sense to run through the main directories (Atrus, List) and search engines (Aport, Yandex, Rambler). If your site has thematic sections, it makes sense to register their individual resources. In this case, your site will come from the catalog often. Search engines are a source of higher referinga, therefore, always makes sense to draw attention to the writing of meta tags, which should be specified keywords and a brief description of the resource. Now more and more search engines to rank pages using Link popularity (citation index), and even if you have tried over the meta tags, then the citation index will not let your website reach the top ranking.
2. Obtain a place in the web site:
Better to do it on a paid hosting! Your site will have the name of the second domain and have greater weight than the name of the third domain obtained on free hosting. If you want to host your site on free hosting, you can see a good list of address.
3. By enrolling in poikovyh machines:
4. Automatic registration in search engines:
Registration in search engines is to run the most important step in promoting your site. The fact is that those visitors who come from search engines are the most active visitors, so soon become your referrals. On the other hand, this step is the most difficult. The problem is not registration, it just do very easily. The problem is that every surfer looks no more than two or three dozen options, from prospecting. Therefore, we need to ensure that your site gets to the very beginning of search queries. To do that the following conditions:
The site should contain the words most frequently used in search queries.
These same words should be spelled out in the meta - tags.
Your site should be a lot of links from other sites.
The site should have a long term existence.
All of this suggests that a large effect on registration in the search engines will get only known site on the popular theme, which has long been there. Websites - newcomers are generally in the top lines of search queries do not fall, but the need to register in poiskavikah from this, no less. Site to register at all poiskavikah and constantly watch for new ones! You never know on any word your site may be the first in the search.
In search engines is not desirable to prescribe the mirror. Copies of the main site, if any. Necessary to prescribe the full address of your page. And, if you use frames, then I would advise you to make a copy of your page - no frames - and that it set in the search engines.
On the Internet there are many different search engines. And in order to enter your page in each of them, or at least most, need a lot of time ... It is therefore set up special services, which for you, prescribe the page on search engines ... Some of them paid, some free ... From my own experience I can say that the result of such registrations is much smaller than the result of manual registration. But now sufficiently developed professional programs to automatically registering comparable to manual registration! If you still want to try, they are:
System TAU
Next come the foreign system, which, respectively, and prescribe your website to foreign search engines. If your site is not in English - the only thing that can help you with these systems, so it add the numbers on the counter, or to earn more money to show banners.
Addme.com - Register in 34 search engines.
Submitshack.com - Posts in 218 search engines.
W6.net - Register in 14 search engines.
5. By registering in the top list and different ratings:
Cool-Top 25 Freebie
Rambler "s Top 100
XLAM Top 50 - Useful Sites!!!
Aport Top 1000
Mafia Top 100
Make $ $ $ Top 25
6. Wrapping counters. Is it good?

The system of counting the number of visits in catalogs, on the example of a Rambler built by the following principle: every person traveling on the Internet has a unique IP-address. Address that is assigned to a provider's server, or proxy server. When a visitor looks at your page, Rambler passed its IP-address, and the counter is added yedinichku (number of visits increased by one). The basic rating for the day Rambler is the number of hosts (unique IP-addresses) who visited your page. And if your page is the same person per day will visit twice from this number of visits did not increase. But you can change your IP-address, by replacing the proxy server your ISP to an anonymous proxy server settings in your browser. That is changing the proxy used in the program Cheaters, and allows you to wind meter! But I think the roll out so the site will not succeed. Either you are accused of being a cheat, if you burn down the course or the cost-effectiveness of this you will not be added if you do not succeed Interested visitors in the first 30 seconds. As a rule of statistics for this time nezainterisovanny visitor information goes from the page.
7. Resort to some tricks:
Tonight we go to some chat rooms and talking in large letters: "The people that run there faster, then this you have not seen, this has not been, and so " Just 10 visitors from one chat you provided! :)
8. Register your website in banner exchange networks!
There are networks for the exchange of banners in different formats: 100x100, 468x60, 120x60, exchange text links. You install their code on your site that generates a random display of banners of other members of the system. Thus, accumulating impressions for your banner (s) from the Commission, eg on your website viewed 1000 pages (you can see on the counter), and hence the script showed 1,000 banner (Banner must be fully loaded, otherwise this show is simply not zachtut), the commission of the network itself is 4%, it means that your score will count 1000-4% = 960 hits! But this is, if the commission is 4%. With sufficient accumulation of hits can be a good advertising campaign.
9. Registration in catalogs.
Registration in the directory itself will not very many visitors, but you will increase the chance to get into any review that are regularly made on the basis of the directory. Then you get the most valuable visitors, those who will come to your site knowing exactly what he finds there. But the directory is a very important advantage. As a rule, books, articles and guides on the Internet is based on the directory. In the future, you can get to the print edition and the number of visitors rise sharply. Paradoxically, more efficient register of small directories, but not in large because of large your link is lost among hundreds of others. Before registering, please examine the directory where you want to register. Select a section most appropriate to the theme of your site. If the site complies with topics several sections, and (or) You face a choice in what specific section, place a link, it is necessary to compare the sections on the following parameters:

1. The popularity of the section.
The choice of a very popular section of any good will not - the site will float at the end of the last sheet of the rating table section.
2. The number of registered sites in the section.
The smaller sites in the section, the more difficult to get lost in the many ranking.
3. Number of visits to all sites over the past day (it's looking just at 0.00) on the first page ranking.
If the last line on the first page rankings of your section of someone's site has one day more than 300 visits, then there better not meddle with its steep ambitions to conquer the day all the Russian Internet and will look for another section.
4. Number of visits to all sites in the first update the rating after the start of the day (and it looks ranging from 1.00 and later) on the first page ranking.
If the first update the rating of site visitors, prescribed in the last row of the first page ranking, does not exceed 10, then it makes sense to declare itself the world in this section. Now think of such a contraption site name and a brief description so people who entered the directory partition saw him and longed to visit your page. Never lie to people and do not write in directories nonsense, type "SUCH YOU DO NOT SEE !!!!! " or "$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ $ $ $ "Firstly, this is stupid, and secondly, the people at first tumble down the site, and then stops. But the name should stand out, it can be symmetrically decorated with all sorts of characters: ~!, #, $, ^, *, +, =, -, "".

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