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Released a beta version of the browser Opera 11.10
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21.03.2011 20:28:15
A test version (code name Barracuda) is the fastest browser company Opera. You can download it for free.
Released a beta version of the browser Opera 11.10

​​ company Opera released a public test version web browser Opera 10.11 (code name Barracuda) for personal computers.

Developers call your package " fastest browser. It got a new software core that provides better support for bagatokolonkovoi layout and gradients, as well as Web fonts (Web Open Font Format) format and lossy image compression WebP.

Another noticeable change - " improved express panel for access to your favorite sites, "which may include an unlimited number of cells. < / span>

Last added dynamically, with the " improved zoom function "allows the flexibility to change the number of columns.

changed and work with the plugin Flash. Now, when you visit a Web page, required for viewing Flash, the plugin is loaded automatically in the background - and no manual manipulation.

beta version of Opera 11.10 available for operating systems Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Download Browser can here .

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