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Pirates have announced the beginning of the battle for the Internet
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10.05.2011 15:27:58
The Pirate Bay team said that the EU is preparing a filter for the Internet like the Chinese. Therefore begins "Battle ", on which depends the fate of civilization without censorship.
Pirates have announced the beginning of the battle for the Internet
In Europe, the holders are ready to introduce Internet censorship on the sharing of information between users in the near future will present "battle of the Internet, " said the team's most famous file-sharing site The Pirate Bay.
"In February, lobbyists have started a massive attack on the European Union.'s allies in the face of The Pirate Bay and pirate parties are protected. lobbyists relied on an aggressive war plan, based on the use of modern means of communication.'s allies on the defensive, as in the beginning of World War II . However, the blitzkrieg lobbyists caught the Allies by surprise, "- said in a statement published in the official blog of The Pirate Bay.
According to the team website, it "attack " associated with closed-door meeting in February 2011 a working group on compliance with EU legislation (European Union 's Law Enforcement Work Party-LEWP), which was proposed to create a European filter for example Chinese, to block access to certain sites.
Representatives website The Pirate Bay, has repeatedly been subjected to censorship and legal harassment in Europe, believe that starts a struggle for freedom in the network.
"begins the battle for the Internet. The outcome of this battle depends the fate of civilization without censorship!" From this depends on our own free life, our website and our trackers. The whole fury and might of the enemy very soon fall upon us, "- referred to in treatment, which uses the rhetoric of one of the most famous speeches of British Prime Minister Winston Churchill's opposition to Hitler.
Appeal issued on the eve of the anniversary of the Allied victory over Nazi Germany.
In the case of a victory by the representatives of owners sharing sites believe that Europe are waiting for "new dark age ", by analogy with the Middle Ages.
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