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New iPad will hide the screen from prying
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23.05.2011 15:43:41
Apple has patented a new mode of the screen. Now you can choose how many people will see the image.
New iPad will hide the screen from prying
Apple developers have come up with an original solution to protect users' privacy from prying eyes. If Peeping Tom will glance at the side of the gadget-enabled privacy mode, then see a blank screen.
Technically, it's all settled easily and does not require the manufacture of a new type of matrix. Liquid crystals in the cells polarize the output light so as to direct the flow of just the right angle. It is not clear how much this will affect the image quality.
Although a patent is illustrated with diagrams iPod, the company does not limit itself to the application in this product. Such a screen may appear as in the existing iPad and iPhone, and calculators, televisions and many other devices.
recall that Apple often patnetiruet all new development. So, the company recently received a patent for computer-monoboka all in one "with the support of touch. New items will have two functions at once: a normal monitor and a tablet. Also on an Apple keyboard, which is used in mobile devices based on the operating system and screens iOS hybrid for portable devices.

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