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A system for ultra-fast data transfer
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23.05.2011 15:51:10
One laser beam can transmit up to 26 terabits per second. It's like the entire Library of Congress to upload up to 10 seconds.
A system for ultra-fast data transfer
At the heart of the new super-fast technology is the effect of the so-called "fast Fourier transforms. It allows you to pack into one beam more than 300 different colors, each of which encodes the proper flow of information.
Pre-existing optic technology also enables data transfer at decent speed. But for this the developers simply adds one or more rays. Never before engineers do not create different wavelengths within a single beam.
One of the key technologies implemented in the new product is to divide the beam into multiple substreams, each of which is responsible for their data. Sam Beam, while not divided up into several beams. True, in order to work with such a convoluted beam, requires a special radio transmitter and receiver, and a rather complex structure. They should be able to both create and read up to 300 light streams at once.
Wolfgang Freude, a physicist at the Institute of Technology in the German city of Karlsruhe, said that theoretically the technology is still very large reserve of scalability, ending only in the sensitivity of the laser receiver. "In laboratory conditions we have tested the technology of data transmission at speeds up to 100 terabits per second" - he says.
physicist says that their technology is also one big advantage - energy efficiency. "Imagine that you have 300 individual laser beams, transmitting data, or a single beam with 300 spectra. In the first case, you need 300 times more electricity, "- he says.
Recall that the experiments with data transfer takes place throughout the world. Thus, in the NEC established a record: 101.7 terabits per second. This same technology oprobyvali in the U.S., where a thin optical cable reached the same speed. And in Europe, is developing a new protocol that would have improved the quality of data.

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