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Wood icons for Web-design
Author : svn_dnepr
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26.11.2010 11:58:20
One of the highlights of which are not only noticeably enliven the design of sites, but also contribute to the visualization interface are icons.
Wood icons for Web-design
Of course, the choice of icons depends on the appearance of the site, but, as in all the world of design, there are fashions. If the style of your website Retro or Art, or you want to liven up your site imitation of natural materials, use the icons from the tree.
ICO format is well suited for the operating system windows xp, and icons from the tree PNG format more suitable for use on your website.
Wood icons for Web-design
There are many online services that will help you in your perekonvertatsii jpg or gif (with transparent edges) in the format ico. There are a few standard sizes file format ico - 16 * 16 (spiskok), 32 * 32 (icons), 64 * 64 (thumbnails)..
Example of a free service for converting Link

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