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YouTube has started to place a fully three-dimensional video
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30.05.2011 16:33:21
Initiative video portal will help promote technology three-dimensional image, which is now primarily associated with the cinemas.
YouTube has started to place a fully three-dimensional video
online video service YouTube in support of Nvidia and Mozilla began to broadcast the video in three dimensions, however, for this to its users will need special equipment.
We appreciate the innovations YouTube able to only about 1 million users. However, according to observers, the video portal initiative will help in advancing technology of three-dimensional image, which is now primarily associated with cinemas.
The corporation Google, which owns video service, they say that posted a video on YouTube is a fully three-dimensional and it can be output via the HDMI port or DLNA on widescreen TVs.
videos will be optimized for playback mode 3D-based browser, Firefox 4, will support the three-dimensional system Nvidia 3D Vision.
combination of standards HTML5, implemented in Firefox 4, and hardware solutions 3D Vision allows users to turn your computer into a full three-dimensional mini-cinema.
It will also need a monitor, capable of displaying three-dimensional image, and active shutter glasses.
first time YouTube has posted samples of the three-dimensional video in its database back in 2009. Since then, the company announced a collaboration in 3D with multiple content providers.
few months ago, YouTube has signed an agreement with Korea's LG Electronics, under which three-dimensional appear on YouTube videos that are suitable for display on modern TV with support for 3D.
parties then agreed that YouTube provides support for loading 3D-video shoot with the new smartphone LG Optimus 3D. The LG say that the Optimus 3D will be a special program for direct download videos on YouTube, a popular web-hosting service for its part will support the proper format.

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