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Ways how to raise the TCI and PR of your site
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30.05.2011 16:41:48
Many novice webmasters question arises: how to raise the TCI and PR? Read more
Ways how to raise the TCI and PR of your site

First you need to know what the TIC and what it eats.

What is it
Citation Index (or IC) - accepted in the scientific world measure of "significance" of works of a scientist. Value of the index determined by the number of references to this work (or name) in other sources. However, for a truly accurate determination of the significance of scientific work is important not only to many links to them, but the quality of those links. Thus, the work can refer reputable academic publication, a popular entertainment magazine or brochure. The significance of these links is different.
Our theme citation index (TCI) defines 'authority' of Internet resources based on the quality characteristics of links to them from other sites. This qualitative feature we call "weight" links. Calculated it on a specially designed algorithm. Large role played by thematic proximity and resource sites link to it. In itself, the number of links to resources also affects the value of its TCI, TCI but is determined not by the number of links, and the sum of their weights.

What are the data measured by TCI
When measuring the TCI are taken to link only those resources that Yandex has indexed and for which he seeks, that is, only "Russian" Internet. This means that links to Russian resources, such as directory Yahoo!, not taken into account when measuring by Yandex TIC.

To which resources can be measured by TCI
TIC can measure for all resources referenced by any of the crawled by Yandex resources at least once. That is for the directory Yahoo! TCI is measured, despite the fact that the resource itself is not indexed by Yandex yahoo.com.

What links not included in the index
When counting TIC site does not take into account links to web boards, forums, online conferences, unmoderated directories and other resources, which anyone can add links without supervision by the resource owner. Also, when calculating the CY do not count links from sites that are on free hosting, if they are not described in Yandex. In other words, all such references are for us a weight of zero.

Is believed TCI mirrors
Citation index of so-called mirror (aliases) are combined, ie the weight of all non-recurring links to mirror sites are added to calculate TIC main address. The main address is determined automatically and can not be changed.
It mirrors are only sites that are absolutely identical in structure and content. If the Internet there is an address for which there is a redirect to TCI does not participate in the calculation of citation index of the main site.

How do I know TCI resource

How to raise TIC

Method 1. purchase of notes and perpetual contextual links
Get constant reference to the good sites can be effectively and quickly with a Kazapa.ru

Method 2. buying links
One of the most effective tools for building a reference mass of the so-called Exchange Links .

Method 3. link exchange
Some webmasters exchange links with other sites, "sister " theme. They create on your site a separate block, in which 5 to 15 friendly links. This method is not very effective in raising the TIC, but it does have its plus. The man who went to the site can see this block, and click on the link. And this is a visitor, and such a day might not be enough. Vary with sites that do not have your own domain is not desirable.

Method 4. Adding a site to directories
Most of webmasters add to their sites to directories - the easiest way to raise a little particles. You can customize the look of your links, then you can write just key words that will positively influence the outcome. It is desirable that the directory does not require reciprocal links. And to link to your website to be direct. Add sites to the directories you can manually, but it's long. Is it possible and for the money - 1PS.RU - Submit your site to directories and search engines (more than 10000).

And now about Google PageRank (PR)

Google Pagerank (sometimes just PR) - algorithm for calculating the credibility of the pages used by the search engine Google.

PageRank - a numerical value that characterizes the "importance" page Google. The more links on the page, so it becomes "more important". In addition, the "weight" of the page A is given a weight link your pages B. Thus, PageRank - a method of calculating the page weight by counting the importance of references to it. PageRank is one of the supporting factors in ranking sites in search results. PageRank is not unique, but very important way to determine the position of a site in the search results Google.

Google takes into account not all the links. The search engine filters out links from sites specifically designed for clusters of links. Some links may not just be ignored, but also negatively affect the ranking of referring site (this effect is called search engine pessimizatsiey). At Google we recognize that that the webmaster is not able to influence the incoming external links, but full control of outbound links from your site. Therefore, references to the site can not hurt him, but the links from the site - they can. Should be attentive to the sites to which you refer.

Google uses PageRank indicator found on request page to determine the procedure for issuing these pages a visitor in search results.

This means that a Google search works as follows:

1. searched all the pages that contain words from the user's request;
2. found pages are ranked based on text criteria;
3. take into account the text links to your site;
4. Results are adjusted for PageRank of each page.
PageRank scale can vary from 0 to 10. The division into units on a scale based on logarithmic dependence or something very similar, but not on the uniform division. Recalculation of the importance of pages takes place during the so-called Google Dance. You can stick around a gradation: PageRank from 4 to 5 - the most typical for most sites average "unwound." 6 - very good "hyped" web site. 7 - the value of almost unreachable for a variety of websites, but sometimes occurs. Values ​​8, 9, 10 are extremely popular and important projects.

How to find PR resources


How to increase PR
The formula for calculating PR: PR value is proportional to the number of pages, it increases the number of links to your site hosted on other sites, and decreases the links outgoing from your own site. Or, the higher PR you referring to the site and such sites becomes larger, the greater the PR of your resource.
Conclusion to the above written formula:
1. Reduce the number of lines of outgoing links.
2. To make it as much as possible links to your site (such as purchase them at Link Exchanges )
How to reduce the number of direct outbound links:
1. Create a file out.php
2. Paste this code into it:

if ((isset ($ _GET [ 'link '])) AND (preg_match ( '/ ^ (http | https): / / [a-z0-9] + ([ - .] {1} [a-z0-9] +) * . [az] {2,5} '. ' (( : [0-9] {1,5})? /.*)?$/ i ', $ _GET [' link '])))< br /> {
header ( "Location: ". $ _GET [ 'link ']. "");

3. Save and fill in the site root.
4. Replace all outgoing links:
was http://site.com/ example for this site to replace http://depositfiles.od.ua/out.php?link=http://site.com/
This way you reduce the number of outbound links.

If you do not be lazy and take seriously the cause of increase in PR, to make the necessary calculations, we can always achieve a positive result and raise the PR of your Internet resource. There are many interesting articles on this topic and therefore their in-depth study and understanding can help to avoid undesirable due to simple incompetence problems, and vice versa, will help bring the site to the forefront in the search engine Google.

Another important characteristic of the site is Alexa rank

Alexa rank - a ranking system from alexa.com (a subsidiary of amazon.com), based on counting the frequency of visits and browsing the site. Alexa ranking calculation algorithm is obtained by averaging the number of page views during the three months and on this basis the number of distribution sites all sites on the network. Thus the lower the value of this parameter, the popular site. For example, a value of 100 means that the site is located at 100 seats in attendance among the absolutely all other sites on the Internet.
To learn Alexa rank site, you can set the Alexa Toolbar .

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