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A collection of pictures on t-shirts
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26.11.2010 13:00:49
If you want to decorate her shirt some interesting picture, then you may need a collection of pictures on t-shirts.
A collection of pictures on t-shirts
With the help of pictures you can decorate your clothes as you go.
A collection of pictures on t-shirts you can select exactly the picture you dreamed. In order to make their shirts with funny pictures, you must select a clean shirt without any inscriptions.
With pictures, acrylic paint from a container and patience you can get beautiful and original T-shirt, while it will be unique and unrepeatable. Clip can be found on the Internet. We put pictures on T-shirts (if accustomed to - the images on textiles) by thermal transfer. This is sometimes called thermoapplication.
There are two methods of application - in both cases the image onto the fabric through a special pre-heating the film, which on cooling and forms an image.
Using the terminology - vector or bitmap.
To print editions of 50 copies of the same images using screen printing.

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