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Google Chrome recognized as the fastest browser
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10.08.2011 14:27:51
According to a study measuring the speed of loading web site took first place Chrome 12, second - Firefox 5, and the slowest was in Safari 4.
Google Chrome recognized as the fastest browser

browser Google's Chrome was in first place at the real speed of download sites.

new study on the measurement of speed of downloading web sites for users of different browsers, was carried out by Gomez, division Compuware. During the month, the researchers analyzed more than 1.8 billion downloads of about 200 resources.

They found that faster loading sites, users Chrome 12, the latest version of the browser that has fallen into the study (recently released Chrome 13).

average speed of loading pages in Chrome 12 was 3.433 seconds. Chrome Indicator 11 - about 3.7 seconds, and Chrome 10 - 4 seconds.

Firefox browser took second place with an average (Firefox version 5) of about 3.9 seconds. Page load time when using older versions of the program was a bit more.

Safari from Apple and Microsoft's Internet Explorer have shown the worst results. Safari loads pages 5, on average, 4.5 seconds, while Internet Explorer 9, it takes more than 4.5 seconds.

worst result among all the versions in the study, the Safari 4 - 6 seconds or less.

Google Chrome recognized as the fastest browser

As a second indicator

Gomez experts have also examined the rendering speed - the time needed to screen appeared the visible portion of the page. On this indicator ahead of Chrome Firefox 5 12 - 2.18 seconds vs. 2,374.

researchers stressed that they have analyzed it real indicators, based on how browsers work with real users.

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