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Google launches search service tickets
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23.09.2011 11:23:33
Google will help determine the most advantageous transfer to propoziiyu air travel.
Google launches search service tickets

Corp. Google Inc. launched a flight search service at the best price, writes the Los Angeles Times.

The company claims that the new program to quickly process information about the current proposals and determine the most advantageous. While the program examines the only ticket in economy class on domestic flights in the U.S. and does not work if the user needs a ticket just one way. In addition, no tickets available in all cities, but Google plans to develop the service and add new features.

Experts believe that the new product, Google has to prove its competitiveness with existing services.

About six months ago Google bought for $ 700 million U.S. company that develops programs with information on flights.

As reported, the U.S. search giant Google introduces its own technology to pay for content, where users can buy virtual services directly in the application or not leaving the site, - In-App Payments.

System In-App Payments will allow developers to implement the new payment system in the game program or media sites to their users to be able, without interrupting the main process to make purchases.

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