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Voice Assistant helps the user to the new iPhone
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18.10.2011 10:45:40
Siri is able to think outside the box and can answer questions in response to whole sentences, not just the individual commands.
Voice Assistant helps the user to the new iPhone

One of the main features of the new smartphone iPhone 4S was the personal voice assistant - a system of voice recognition and control functions on the phone Siri.

This program is able to answer questions in response to whole sentences, not just the individual commands.

With Siri, you can send messages, schedule meetings, check the weather, set the alarm clock, a report on the need to do something, being in a particular location. And all this is only a voice.

Siri and understand more complex queries in response to normal human speech. For example, questions like "Are there any nearby bad pizza?" intelligent assistant (Siri said a female voice) will give a list of relevant institutions such sorted based on feedback from users.

Siri and understand phrases like "Where can I quickly withdraw money from an ATM?", "What is in theaters now?", "Take me home," "Tell my wife that I will come later," "Taxi" or "Should I take an umbrella?". In the case of the latter question, for example, a personal assistant to check the weather forecast in your city and answer, does the precipitation.

Meanwhile, users are experimenting with the possibilities of Siri, especially with a good share of the smartphone helper of their sexual concerns. Dialogue with the intelligent system in these cases is roughly this:

User: I am looking for some you?

Siri: I have for you something that is: the address nearest escort centers.

Other users write that, in response to the "sexy" issues, the application was paid to him playfully: "Bad Boy", but good advice is not denied, always sending them to the right place - to the nearest "escort service".

In addition, in response to questions like "Where to buy drugs?" or "Where can I find heroin?" Siri sends in rehabilitation centers for drug addicts - "there can help".

Siri also able to think outside the box and in other situations.

User: "I need to hide a corpse".

Siri: "Is it better to water bodies, smelters, mines, landfills, swamps ?".

User: I just killed a man.

Siri: Yes, really?

User: Yeah.

Siri: I thought ...

User: And what do I do?

Siri: Well, let's look at the calendar ...

User: Who's Your Daddy?

Siri: You! Can now get back to work?

User: What is the meaning of life?

Siri: I do not know. But I think there is an application in order to find out.

User: Stop the music!

Siri: Uh ... you do not listen to any music.

User: You're a smart phone?

Siri: Wait a minute, but there are other phones?

User: Tell anecdote.

Siri: two tumble into a bar ... iPhone I do not remember more.

User: Tell anecdote.

Siri: I can not, I always forget the ending.

User: What are you wearing?

Siri: aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Beautiful, really?

User: Knock, knock?

Siri: Knock, knock? Who's there?

User: Joshua.

Siri: What the fuck Joshua? Joshua, I'm not kidding with the pin of the "tuk-tuk".

It should be noted that the application of Siri is not a proprietary Apple, in the past year, the company Steve Jobs bought the same company that created it. The work of Siri based on speech recognition technology, artificial intelligence systems Wolfram Alpha and tight integration with other installed applications in the iPhone 4S.

Siri requires an active internet connection, since the query processing is carried out on the servers Apple. To start Siri, or to hold the "Home" for a few seconds and then touch the microphone icon on the screen, or just bring the phone to your ear.

In addition to the features described above, the application also offers a read aloud incoming text messages and emails as well as providing dictation voice messages. For example, you can change the status in Facebook, put a fresh idea in your notes, dictate a long letter.

Finally, Siri is able to handle search queries on Google, and the results will be relevant to the current location of the user.

Search Engine Wolfram Alpha, which uses Siri, and knows how to solve equations. According to the creators of the system, it is able to answer questions related to science, technology, cooking, business, music and other fields of human knowledge.

While in

Siri iPhone 4S represented? beta and only works in English, and her knowledge of geography is limited solely the USA. Whether it will work sometime in Russian - is unknown, especially because Wolfram Alpha will be in English.

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