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The following year, Apple will release two new iPad
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07.11.2011 13:49:28
The following year, Apple is going to bring to market two new tablet - iPad 2S and iPad 3.
The following year, Apple will release two new iPad

Apple will release an updated version of the tablet iPad in the spring of 2012, but this is only an improved version of the iPad 2, according to Taiwanese media.

Taiwanese partners Apple, according to media reports, are already preparing to begin production of a modernized version of the iPad 2, which is rumored to be called the iPad 2S.

to the market it will arrive in March, a year after the appearance of its predecessor. The device can operate on battery power for longer than the original version of the iPad 2, as well as get more slim.

third generation devices also appear on the market in the third quarter of next year.

reason for the delay in issuing a fully updated version of Apple tablet Taiwanese sources seen in the fact that suppliers are not yet able to provide innovative displays for Apple iPad 3 with ultra-high resolution in the required quantities and at an affordable price.

rumored tablet should get a new generation of display technology Retina - the screen with the same diagonal of 9.7 inches, but with a resolution four times greater than the iPad 2 - 2048x1536 pixels.

also reported that the tablet will have a 4-core chip Apple A6.

As noted earlier, the process of testing new LCD-screen with ultra-high resolution, is expected to be completed in the third quarter of this year.

According to analyst firm IDC, in the second quarter, Apple controlled 68.3% of the market tablets, sold 9.25 million iPad. In July-September, the company set a new record, having realized 11.12 million tablets.

In addition, according to DigiTimes, in 2012 under the update (including redesign) will get not only a series of tablets and smartphones - essentially unchanged and desktop computers-in-one iMac, and ultra-thin notebook MacBook Air.

premiere of the new iPhone 5 and iMac will most likely already in the second half of the year.

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