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Doctors have discovered a new type of allergy - the Wi-Fi
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07.11.2011 13:52:20
The main symptoms - headache, joint pain, dry or watery eyes and scratchy throat.
Doctors have discovered a new type of allergy - the Wi-Fi

specialists from the United States recorded a new kind of allergy - in wireless Wi-Fi.

headache, joint pain, dry or watery eyes, scratchy throat - an allergy to Wi-Fi or electromagnetic hypersensitivity manifests itself in the same way as any other type of allergy.

Physicians claim that in recent years more and more people are turning to them for help with these symptoms.

And after talking with patients revealed that they are a lot of time in the area of ​​access Wi-Fi.

"My face is flushed, headache, vision changes, it was hard to think" - said one of the victims.

Moreover, already are several lawsuits on allegations of parents whose children suffered from wireless networks.

The fact that Wi-Fi works on the same frequency as the microwave oven.

To protect yourself from the harmful effects of modern technology, you need to get out as often as possible to nature, away from the big cities.

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