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Message System
Author : svn_dnepr
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15.12.2010 14:30:54
Our site is continually refined and expanded. Now added to the message system.
Message System
Dear users!
Dec. 13 release of a new service made our site - messaging system , which will help in communicating our users. The main feature of the message system is that it does not require reloading page while their work. This function is implemented using AJAX technology and optimized a secure database.
AJAX (from the English. Asynchronous Javascript and XML - Asynchronous JavaScript and XML ) - approach to building interactive user interfaces, web applications, which consists in "background" data-sharing browser from a Web server. As a result, the data is refreshed, the Web page does not restart fully, and Web applications are becoming faster and more convenient.
The next stage of our site will be new projects - "Board ", "Bussines Catalogue " "Freelance ". Stay tuned:)

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