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Google updates search engine
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07.11.2011 13:56:45
Search engine will determine interest of the user the most recent results or data from previous years.
Google updates search engine

Search engine Google will determine whether the user interested in the most recent results or data from previous years. Estimated to Google, the change will affect up to 35% of requests.

Google revises method of providing information in response to queries.

Google believes that these changes are in the system from the competition. In the search engine Bing, the prepared Microsoft, focuses on the so-called "social search".

"Results are good fresh, just like hot cakes from the oven or cold fresh fruit on a hot summer day," - wrote in his blog, Google employee Amit Sinhalese.

"The introduced changes will allow search engines to guess: what results the user wants - for the last week, today or even at the present moment" - says the Sinhalese.

example, says a representative of Google, the user requesting the information for the phrase "Occupy Oakland protests" ("protests in Oakland"), probably, want to get the latest news.

also the latest information they want those who are looking for online sports matches results or financial statements of companies.

Other types of searches

can display the old results. For example those who are looking for a recipe of tomato sauce for pasta, fit the page, which a few months or even years.

update that allows you to see "fresh" results based on the conducted in August 2010 change in the basic structure of the main indexing system Google (called Caffeine). The result has been simplified mechanism to update the index and adding new information sources.

analyst Danny Sullivan believes that the recent changes are enormous. The last major algorithm update Google, known as Panda, contributed only 12% of requests.

However, Sullivan says that the update may have potential drawbacks.

"In pursuit of freshness may suffer relevance - writes analyst - may also be new ways to send spam".

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