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Adobe has put an end to Flash Player for mobile devices
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11.11.2011 17:15:15
Adobe has announced it will no longer release new versions of Flash Player for mobile devices, and technology development will HTML5.
Adobe has put an end to Flash Player for mobile devices

company Adobe Systems has officially confirmed its intention not to develop new versions of Flash Player for mobile devices.

Vice President Danny Winokur Adobe announced that the company considers to be more promising technology, HTML5, which is supported by most modern mobile devices.

He called HTML5 "the best solution for creating and displaying content in browsers all mobile platforms".

Winokur confirmed that Adobe will continue to work with leading manufacturers of devices, including Apple, Google, Microsoft and Research in Motion.

Flash developers can create applications for all major mobile platforms, using the space Adobe AIR, according to a blog Adobe.

release new versions of Flash Player plug-browser company would not. The latest version of the player will be 11.1, which will be released on Android and tablet Playbook.

Adobe will continue to release updates to the existing mobile version of Flash Player, but only in order to eliminate the detected errors and vulnerabilities. New features of these versions will not contain.

Adobe Solution to stop developing new versions of Flash Player for mobile devices has become known about a day before the official announcement.

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