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Owner Facebook Email predicted a quick death
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29.11.2011 09:22:54
Zuckerberg said that email would live long.
Owner Facebook Email predicted a quick death

Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social networking site Facebook, said that the peak of the popularity of e-mail has already passed.

comScore statistics show that the number of messages sent by the web users 12-17 years old, during the past year fell by a quarter.


attendance resources providing email services decreased by 6,6%.

study has recently commissioned by the UK ISP TalkTalk, showed that only 51% of local teenagers and 20-year-old put email in the first place among electronic means of communication.

Industry experts say if this trend continues, as young people grow up, e-mail in the usual sense of the word not long to live.

Teenagers are increasingly using alternative means of information exchange. This instant messages sent from mobile phones, and correspondence through social networking sites.

note, Mark Zuckerberg announced the impending death of email in November last year at the launch instant messaging service on its website.

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