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The new design is YouTube hit of all
Author : svn_dnepr
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05.12.2011 09:42:22
Video Hosting YouTube has an updated design with enhanced social functions.
The new design is YouTube hit of all

popular video service from Google, Youtube, did a complete redesign.

site has tighter integration with social networks and new colors.

Now the user can link it to YouTube with the profile in social networking Google + or social network Facebook.

Home Youtube now features an upgraded feed with video from those to whom subscribed users, and encourages individual video channels.

channels, in turn, have several different templates, so they will be useful both for those who download a lot of video, and for those who publish only a few movies a year.

As a result, users can share with friends and acquaintances with new videos and watch videos of other users.

note for the first time on the preparation of the redesign of YouTube, Google announced this summer.


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