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How to protect yourself against the imposition of commercials
Author : svn_dnepr
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06.12.2011 19:27:43
First you need to at least want it. Then everyone chooses their own path.
How to protect yourself against the imposition of commercials

For example, BG (I mean Grebenshchikov, not Gates) in an interview said that the TV - the chief demon of our time, and he simply threw it. This is the most radical and effective method, but few are actually capable of it. For example, I do so I can not - too much love to watch some programs, and movies occasionally come across good. In addition, there is always a risk that in moments of weakness of mind is acquired TV again, or that it will give someone (here the risk is much less), and a gift to throw out as something embarrassing.

process for almost Castaneda - put your box upside down and watch it that way. Its use is one of the characters in the novel by Victor Pelevin "Generation" P "on the basis of those considerations that the inverted image will remain only in the perception of a picture, and" immersion "in the video is not going to happen. This path, however, has a number of side effects: First, some TV upside down so simply can not put - too convex lid (where I see the evil will of producers), and secondly, can begin vestibular disorders, and third, eventually you'll get used to it (as well as reading inverted text), and the protective effect disappears.

There are other ways to protect against television, but they all more or less related to the esoteric, and so, or dangerous to health, or are uncomfortable in the home, or may frighten friends and relatives. So I suggest you use the method completely invisible from the outside and does not require any permutations and money.

So, if you really want to get another TV commercial has scored your head idiotic slogans, non-existent problems, tasteless pictures, and imposed notions of life, follow a few simple tips:

Tip one: Be Biased

Always remember that the sole purpose of any advertising - to get you to buy anything. Accordingly, think of all the "creative" attempts, even if they are deliberately non-profit, as such they may be particularly dangerous. If you follow even just this advice, then half the commercials will not cause you nothing but bewilderment.


Every time you hear or see something like the "best price", "very tasty", "could not be better", "your best choice" and so on, and ask: why? Does any cud be the best possible only from the fact that the manufacturer has the money to the constant scrolling advertising on TV (especially considering that in the end it paid for the buyer)? In general, all the adjectives in the superlative form suggests that the specific good of the advertised goods have nothing to say.

Tip Three: ESPECIALLY carp

to advertising, using the "voice of the people." This, incidentally, quite a lot, especially at Procter & Gamble and Wrigley's. The plot is usually the same - somewhere in the street allegedly caught "young people, chewing ..." or some silly mother, carrying an unknown destination and it is unknown why two dirty shirts son. Young people in the jargon of praise psevdomolodezhnom taste and ease of packing bubble gum, and the mother meanwhile watches washing machines, located in the back of the van (they work, it seems, from the battery), to later compare the quality of washing. Options may be different, but the subtext is always the same: "we are the same as you, I swear!" Remember that all these "bystanders" in fact or actors or specially invited for the shooting, and the exterior of pick up are usually simpler, so that none of the spectators do not let God have not decided what it is for such goods "snout came out".

Tip Four: Do not pay attention

the intonation with which the actors say or voice-overs, as well as their facial expressions. Actors and presenters - professional people, and they portray the excitement at the news of new pads or yogurt is easier than you doubt it. It is useful to remember that the happy owner of a new powder looks from the screen at you, and a camera lens, behind which you can see the dark cameraman and director, approved by the customer waving a script and storyboard.


Ctaraytes possible to abstract from the video sequence, do not lose awareness that you are sitting in front of a rectangular box and look at it and go on the front surface of the image. In principle, this should apply to TV viewing in general, but really good movies (at least - transfer), sometimes deserve to be in them "dive". Television advertising - this is not the masterpieces of world cinema and obviously in such an attitude does not pull.

Council last (and most important): I think

Most commercials do not withstand scrutiny of the simplest logic. It becomes immediately clear that in real life people do not do that and not say such curves and unnatural phrases. For example, in advertising a bleaching agent with a "classic" story of two housewives (a - fool, another - intelligent), the first in response to a remark like "... he and colored fabrics for suits!" unexpectedly meets a soulful voice, "and for gentle daily wash". Swallow is possible only with the full stop of the brain. With slogans even easier. Suffice it to repeat any of them, thinking of its literal meaning, as it turns out that not ponder on that. Because combined in a single phrase (preferably in rhyme) product name, a description of its positive qualities and appeal to its acquisition can only at this price. Think, and no "no brakes - snikersni!" and "only Tampax" do not get stuck in your head stupid slogans.

That's all. Think hesitate to find fault and be biased. Nothing better than this appendage to free television does not deserve.

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