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A number of requirements to advertising appeals.
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Promotional messages need to be expressive, while stressing the benefits of
A number of requirements to advertising appeals.
According to some studies, approximately 30% of consumers believe that advertising is mostly far from the truth, they must be distinctive in the sense that they must disclose to the consumer a better product than competitors' products. If the first phase of treatment can be reduced to the question "what to say," the second to the "how to tell." Here, the advertiser must fulfill its "global idea" to life. When you contact a professional advertising agency from the client is required to provide brief (brief outline). Ideally it should consist of the following components:
brief description of the product and its key benefits and positioning policies, a brief description of the target audience and its characteristics in the acquisition and consumption of goods;
a brief description of the distinguishing features of the market and competitors, description of the problem to be solved by directed advertising: it is based on a summary of the first three items (eg, increase brand awareness or capture X% market share of competitor A);
advice on style or "tone" with which the advertiser would like to promote (for example, to advertise certain brands of cigars would be more relevant to use such ideas as "traditional, solid, courageous ");
preliminary formulation of messages: one or two sentences, which synthesize a summary of all the above points. The proposals contained information that should be mentioned in advertising.
Even if you do not use the services of advertising agencies, make a plan for yourself. First, it will help you analyze the current situation and do not miss out on important parameters. Secondly, having such a plan, it will be easier to defend the leadership need to advertise in certain media with the desired frequency. To implement the advertising appeal ("how to say"), an advertiser can select one of the following styles:
  • picture of life, this style is the person using the product in a "normal life";
  • lifestyle "show" of the product in situations or conditions related to the conception of life of different social groups;
  • fantasy: the creation of imaginary situations of product;
  • mood or state;
  • characters: the use of graphic images related to this product, technical expertise: shows that the manufacturer has knowledge and experience in building product;
  • scientific evidence: the use of research data or scientific evidence to suggest that one brand better than others; recommendations: use endorsements of celebrities and people, opinion, etc.
advertiser must also choose the tone of advertising - positive or negative. The first type is resorting to such aspects of life as happiness, joy, love, etc. According to research in the psychology of advertising, this type is more effective than the use of appeals to the negative aspects. Choosing memorable and attention-grabbing words in advertising - the second, after the visual component, a component of advertising. Defines the format of advertising - the last component in this module. It is important that all the elements - style, tone, words and format - to work effectively together. However, even if all of these components correctly identified, it should be remembered and uncontrollable factors that affect it, whether the consumer will notice your ad. According to the survey, less than 50% of notes outstanding advertising, 30% remember the name, productivity Chairpersons and only 10% read the entire ad text.

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