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Called the invention that after 10 years would change his life
The Americans made a list of inventions that within 10 years would change his life on the planet: flying cars, artificial brains and high-speed railway.
Information Technology   -   10.05.2011 15:31:18
YouTube opened a movie rental service
For users of the cost of one film is four dollars for new products and three dollars for other films.
Information Technology   -   10.05.2011 15:29:39
Pirates have announced the beginning of the battle for the Internet
The Pirate Bay team said that the EU is preparing a filter for the Internet like the Chinese. Therefore begins "Battle ", on which depends the fate of civilization without censorship.
Information Technology   -   10.05.2011 15:27:58
A unique opportunity to earn online from Opti design
If you have your own website and you want to unwind, to raise his ratings and make a profit - is an offer for you
Site news   -   29.04.2011 11:45:03
Google Chrome browser taught to understand spoken language
The new browser version is implemented with voice input text using HTML.
Soft   -   28.04.2011 17:00:54
In the Internet appeared early release of Windows 8
This press release includes a so-called `tape` interface Ribbon, as well as a working system folder, which was not available in the first test release of Windows 8, which appeared in early April.
Soft   -   28.04.2011 16:57:36
`Surprise 'from Apple: iPad iPhone and spying on each step of the host
Spy feature allows anyone to establish where the owner of the Apple device was on a certain day and hour.
Gadgets   -   26.04.2011 10:27:10
All vol obaedinenii Odnoklassnikov `` and `` VKontakte oprovergnuta
Mail.Ru Group and the press-service 'VKontakte ' said they would not hold talks on unification.
Information Technology   -   26.04.2011 10:24:28
Apple is developing 'smart' television-like iPad
Apple could in 2012 to release first TV under its own label. It will be as universal as a tablet iPad.
Gadgets   -   29.03.2011 19:37:54
Service is running freelancing around Ukraine
Now you can earn and perform tasks on the internet online
Site news   -   25.03.2011 10:33:27
Released a beta version of the browser Opera 11.10
A test version (code name Barracuda) is the fastest browser company Opera. You can download it for free.
Soft   -   21.03.2011 20:28:15
Sharing EH.ua launch a paid version
The portal already buys content. Now in the final stage is about 40 contracts with the owners of rights.
Information Technology   -   21.03.2011 20:24:17
Microsoft unveiled a new version of Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9 is faster than previous versions. Browser version is available in 39 languages ​​and is intended only for Windows 7 and Vista.
Soft   -   17.03.2011 10:03:46
Sony will release a camera with instant location of files on the Web
Thanks to the communication module 3G photos and videos from the new Sony device will be uploaded to YouTube, Twitter, Flickr without using a PC.
Gadgets   -   13.03.2011 20:25:47
In Ukraine banned the "Grey " iPhone 4
To date, Ukraine has only a single certificate for phone IPhone 4 G of A-1332. However, no one phone in Ukraine on this certificate has not yet been imported.
Gadgets   -   10.03.2011 21:53:34

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Created a device that will make e-mails with fragrant
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On a farm in Scotland found da Vinci painting worth millions
The painting, which for more than 50 years of dust, was priceless creations of the great Leonardo.
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