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The new version of the Apple iOS out ahead of time
Apple has released a platform that has been available for installation on the iPhone 3GS and 4 player, iPod touch third and fourth generation tablet iPad.
Soft   -   10.03.2011 21:38:42
Apple MacBook hacked in five seconds
Annual competition hackers Pwn2Own started with a successful break Safari and Internet Explorer 8. Google Chrome has not yet succumbed.
Information Technology   -   10.03.2011 21:34:03
Steve Jobs introduced a new tablet iPad 2
Apple introduced the second generation tablet iPad. The new gadget has received housing, one-third thinner than its predecessor. IPad buy 2 can be for $ 499.
Gadgets   -   03.03.2011 10:24:19
Ukraine has begun to sell domestic competitor IPad
On February 28 in Ukraine started selling tablet domestic manufacturer - ImPad, the approximate value of which reaches 6,000 hryvnia.
Gadgets   -   02.03.2011 10:55:30
Vector graphics editor.
Post a review of this program group should probably be with CorelDraw, as one of the most recognized and popular packages for creating vector graphics
Design   -   28.02.2011 22:38:14
Editors to create and retouch bitmap
Depending on the type of graphics you want to work, tools, allowing the final count to create certain kinds of computer graphics can also be divided into respective species.
Design   -   28.02.2011 22:26:55
Apple introduced a new generation of laptops MacBook Pro
The new line of Apple introduced the model MacBook with 13,3 -, 15,4 - and 17 inch displays. Models with the smallest screen equipped with a dual-core processor, Intel Core, great - quad-core Core i7.
Gadgets   -   25.02.2011 19:49:17
Running directory sites in the cities of Ukraine
Now you can free to post information on their websites, thus improving their ranking
Site news   -   22.02.2011 16:12:26
What is hosting - a manual for dummies
In this article we will talk about what is the meaning of the mysterious word "hosting ", which often occurs in the price lists and brochures.
Information Technology   -   20.02.2011 20:44:33
Hack your iPhone or iPad can take a few minutes
Experts say that hack your iPhone or iPad with the latest version iOS to get saved there passwords to access email very easily.
Gadgets   -   16.02.2011 19:24:55
Samsung introduced the world's slimmest smartphone in the world
Novelty dual-core production of South Korean company with a frequency of one gigahertz.
Gadgets   -   16.02.2011 19:22:52
LG launched the world's first 3D-smartphone and a tablet
The new smart phone and tablet LG ability to work with 3D-content in full - not only to view such material in the device's screen, but also create samosoyatelno.
Gadgets   -   16.02.2011 19:20:59
Instructions for site promotion
Almost everyone knows that now there are many search engines, directories, rating sheets. But ...
Information Technology   -   09.02.2011 16:39:19
Google has released the final version of Chrome 9
In the ninth version of the Google Chrome appeared live search "and a new display technology 3D-graphics. A hacker who can hack Chrome, pledged 20 thousand dollars.
Soft   -   07.02.2011 10:00:18
Flash technology in design sites
Animation quality is now an integral part of this industry, such as site development.
Design   -   04.02.2011 13:08:12

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Scientists have discovered a 3D-video most harmful
Scientists warn that overindulgence viewing 3D-films leads to "overdose, " which entails the nausea and disorientation in space.
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