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Play Angry birds space showed record levels of downloads
Milestone of 10 million game downloads broke in less than three days.
  29.03.2012 11:51:59
Adobe has put an end to Flash Player for mobile devices
Adobe has announced it will no longer release new versions of Flash Player for mobile devices, and technology development will HTML5.
  11.11.2011 17:15:15
Google updates search engine
Search engine will determine interest of the user the most recent results or data from previous years.
  07.11.2011 13:56:45
Firefox updated to version eight
In Firefox 8 adds support for HTML5, improved performance and scalability of HTML5 media elements WebSockets updated protocol, etc.
  07.11.2011 13:50:52
Microsoft released the Windows version 8 for developers
The new operating system from Microsoft Windows 8 will be available on the Internet.
  16.09.2011 16:30:01
Mozilla has released Firefox is ahead of schedule 6
This year, Mozilla has released two new versions of its browser - Firefox Firefox 5 and 6, and for six weeks and will be Firefox 7.
  18.08.2011 09:37:31
Google Chrome recognized as the fastest browser
According to a study measuring the speed of loading web site took first place Chrome 12, second - Firefox 5, and the slowest was in Safari 4.
  10.08.2011 14:27:51
Microsoft introduced the Windows operating system in August
Windows 8 - is the code name of the operating system. Under which name the OS will be launched in the market, while not disclosed.
  03.06.2011 15:53:22
Ways how to raise the TCI and PR of your site
Many novice webmasters question arises: how to raise the TCI and PR? Read more
  30.05.2011 16:41:48
VKontakte allowed to communicate directly to 15 users
Popular social networking site announced the launch of a functional communication for simultaneous multiple users.
  23.05.2011 15:53:28
Google Chrome browser taught to understand spoken language
The new browser version is implemented with voice input text using HTML.
  28.04.2011 17:00:54
In the Internet appeared early release of Windows 8
This press release includes a so-called `tape` interface Ribbon, as well as a working system folder, which was not available in the first test release of Windows 8, which appeared in early April.
  28.04.2011 16:57:36
Released a beta version of the browser Opera 11.10
A test version (code name Barracuda) is the fastest browser company Opera. You can download it for free.
  21.03.2011 20:28:15
Microsoft unveiled a new version of Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9 is faster than previous versions. Browser version is available in 39 languages ​​and is intended only for Windows 7 and Vista.
  17.03.2011 10:03:46
The new version of the Apple iOS out ahead of time
Apple has released a platform that has been available for installation on the iPhone 3GS and 4 player, iPod touch third and fourth generation tablet iPad.
  10.03.2011 21:38:42
Google has released the final version of Chrome 9
In the ninth version of the Google Chrome appeared live search "and a new display technology 3D-graphics. A hacker who can hack Chrome, pledged 20 thousand dollars.
  07.02.2011 10:00:18
Microsoft warned of critical vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer
The vulnerability was found in the Windows operating system and threatens virtually all of its versions, which are currently supported.
  02.02.2011 14:52:19
Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
April 12, 2010, at 19:00 Moscow time was officially announced a new line of Microsoft products Adobe Systems.
  22.11.2010 15:54:21
Novelties Corel
Sales, new program from Corel: graphic package CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 with Russian interface
  22.11.2010 10:45:24

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Microsoft has created a video of the future of life on the planet
The video is "electronic" business cards that reflect the required information at the right time, ultra-thin notebooks, "living" color books, keys to the hotel in a smart, smart furniture.
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