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The new service - free of urban travel guide
Find all hotels, restaurants, recreation centers, apartments, etc. in your city
  05.08.2012 14:18:36
The site added a new service - promotion of sites
Now you can quickly and easily promote your website at an affordable price
  20.01.2012 22:33:13
Opportunity to renew an ad
The service `board` is a new opportunity - update of date
  03.01.2012 16:28:59
Started service catalog company opti.info
Now you can easily create online business card of your company
  30.08.2011 12:13:41
Opti.Design expands its open spaces
Now we extend our services and in the Russian Federation
  06.06.2011 12:07:19
Advertising space on the site www.optiua.net
Opti.design offers placement of advertising banners on our web portal
  26.05.2011 11:37:55
Earn more with opti.design
Exchange links `forever` Kazapa - the best way to quick money and promote your site
  26.05.2011 09:38:25
A unique opportunity to earn online from Opti design
If you have your own website and you want to unwind, to raise his ratings and make a profit - is an offer for you
  29.04.2011 11:45:03
Service is running freelancing around Ukraine
Now you can earn and perform tasks on the internet online
  25.03.2011 10:33:27
Running directory sites in the cities of Ukraine
Now you can free to post information on their websites, thus improving their ranking
  22.02.2011 16:12:26
Running the bulletin board in the cities of Ukraine
Now you can place ads on various topics, all quickly, efficiently and most importantly free.
  31.12.2010 09:23:49
Message System
Our site is continually refined and expanded. Now added to the message system.
  15.12.2010 14:30:54
Modifications Site opti.design
Our site is continually refined and expanded. Now added to the system of articles.
  23.11.2010 09:50:10

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City Doneck.
Region: Donetsk. Population: 1065,4 thousand. Year established: 1869. Area: 358,3 sq.km.
Information from Wikipedia.