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Information Technology
Webmoney to the card, cash, privat24, Yandex-Money and others
Great service with low rates, high reliability and convenience.
  21.10.2013 10:58:55
What is contextual advertising
  15.07.2013 17:09:36
Soon everyone will be able to make money on YouTube
Ukrainians will be able to earn money on advertising, which a month later we may be placed on YouTube.
  15.05.2012 11:58:12
With the new Google service everyone can create a personal channel
After graduating from the "live" video recording appears on the page in the social networks and video hosting YouTube.
  08.05.2012 09:18:11
How to protect yourself against the imposition of commercials
First you need to at least want it. Then everyone chooses their own path.
  06.12.2011 19:27:43
The new technology will increase the speed of the memory
The first deliveries of the new chips will begin in the second half of 2012.
  05.12.2011 10:17:26
Owner Facebook Email predicted a quick death
Zuckerberg said that email would live long.
  29.11.2011 09:22:54
Doctors have discovered a new type of allergy - the Wi-Fi
The main symptoms - headache, joint pain, dry or watery eyes and scratchy throat.
  07.11.2011 13:52:20
Created a device that will make e-mails with fragrant
A device that encodes messages online fragrances, able to teach Internet users nose to determine what information they will
  02.11.2011 10:08:43
Kievlyanin disk created from the phone client for Twitter
To create an unusual gadget programmer needed the old disk phone, LCD-screen, 16x2 rows and knowledge platform Arduino. The result - Tweephone.
  01.11.2011 12:32:44
Microsoft has created a video of the future of life on the planet
The video is "electronic" business cards that reflect the required information at the right time, ultra-thin notebooks, "living" color books, keys to the hotel in a smart, smart furniture.
  31.10.2011 17:34:49
Apple indicators voevali with Samsung ``, Nokia sozdala prototype gibkogo map case
At a conference in London, Nokia unveiled a prototype - a flexible flatbed scanner, which is bent in different directions.
  28.10.2011 09:19:01
Hacked Microsoft channel on YouTube and destroyed all of the content
At the official channel of information was placed on the products and commercials, just a page was about 25 thousand subscribers.
  25.10.2011 16:14:55
Voice Assistant helps the user to the new iPhone
Siri is able to think outside the box and can answer questions in response to whole sentences, not just the individual commands.
  18.10.2011 10:45:40
Google shut down several popular services to promote Google +
Google refuses to service functionality which partially reflected in the social networking Google +, as well as those that are not relevant at this time.
  17.10.2011 16:40:31
Google launches search service tickets
Google will help determine the most advantageous transfer to propoziiyu air travel.
  23.09.2011 11:23:33
In the social network game Google + appeared
The first batch of games includes more than 15 titles, including the puzzle game Bejeweled Blitz, sudoku, Angry Birds, Dragon Age Legends and poker.
  18.08.2011 09:32:13
New large-scale project Apple: With headquarters in the form of `UFO`
Steve Jobs is building a `best 'office in the world. The new company's headquarters in Cupertino, Apple store more than 12 thousand employees.
  18.08.2011 09:30:42
VKontakte launched a new messaging service
Members of social networks will be able to send messages to e-mail address and receive the messages sent from e-mail.
  26.07.2011 17:25:38
Scientists have discovered a 3D-video most harmful
Scientists warn that overindulgence viewing 3D-films leads to "overdose, " which entails the nausea and disorientation in space.
  26.07.2011 17:22:24
Rating of attendance sites in Ukraine
Submitted by rating site traffic on the territory of Ukraine as of 21.06.2011
  21.06.2011 16:01:45
YouTube has started to place a fully three-dimensional video
Initiative video portal will help promote technology three-dimensional image, which is now primarily associated with the cinemas.
  30.05.2011 16:33:21
Update ТИЦ and PR
Shows the update schedule performance search engines and ranked ТИЦ and PR
  30.05.2011 08:42:54
A system for ultra-fast data transfer
One laser beam can transmit up to 26 terabits per second. It's like the entire Library of Congress to upload up to 10 seconds.
  23.05.2011 15:51:10
Communicate with Skype will be on TV
Microsoft tries to take communion in Skype on a new level of interactivity.
  23.05.2011 13:13:06
Called the invention that after 10 years would change his life
The Americans made a list of inventions that within 10 years would change his life on the planet: flying cars, artificial brains and high-speed railway.
  10.05.2011 15:31:18
YouTube opened a movie rental service
For users of the cost of one film is four dollars for new products and three dollars for other films.
  10.05.2011 15:29:39
Pirates have announced the beginning of the battle for the Internet
The Pirate Bay team said that the EU is preparing a filter for the Internet like the Chinese. Therefore begins "Battle ", on which depends the fate of civilization without censorship.
  10.05.2011 15:27:58
All vol obaedinenii Odnoklassnikov `` and `` VKontakte oprovergnuta
Mail.Ru Group and the press-service 'VKontakte ' said they would not hold talks on unification.
  26.04.2011 10:24:28
Sharing EH.ua launch a paid version
The portal already buys content. Now in the final stage is about 40 contracts with the owners of rights.
  21.03.2011 20:24:17
Apple MacBook hacked in five seconds
Annual competition hackers Pwn2Own started with a successful break Safari and Internet Explorer 8. Google Chrome has not yet succumbed.
  10.03.2011 21:34:03
What is hosting - a manual for dummies
In this article we will talk about what is the meaning of the mysterious word "hosting ", which often occurs in the price lists and brochures.
  20.02.2011 20:44:33
Instructions for site promotion
Almost everyone knows that now there are many search engines, directories, rating sheets. But ...
  09.02.2011 16:39:19
Represented by the world's first digital newspaper for iPad
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch presented the first paper, which will be distributed solely through the iPad.
  03.02.2011 16:23:21

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YouTube opened a movie rental service
For users of the cost of one film is four dollars for new products and three dollars for other films.
LG launched the world's first 3D-smartphone and a tablet
The new smart phone and tablet LG ability to work with 3D-content in full - not only to view such material in the device's screen, but also create samosoyatelno.
All vol obaedinenii Odnoklassnikov `` and `` VKontakte oprovergnuta
Mail.Ru Group and the press-service 'VKontakte ' said they would not hold talks on unification.
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