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`Сюрприз` від Apple: iPad і iPhone шпигують за кожним кроком господаря
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26.04.2011 10:27:10
Шпигунська функція дозволяє кому завгодно встановити, де власник пристрою Apple був у визначений день і годину.
`Сюрприз` від Apple: iPad і iPhone шпигують за кожним кроком господаря
Mobile Devices Apple - iPad and iPhone - fix the coordinates of the user at any given point in time, without telling him about it.
Such a discovery made British experts Pete Worden and Alasdair Allan.
As the researchers note, is not officially stated function first appeared in the operating system iOS 4, released in June 2010.
According to them, with the help of special software can use this information for display on a map the location of the device and its user.
Collected information is also copied to the computer for each backup and synchronize data from your iPhone or iPad.
From this it follows that everyone who has access to the phone or desktop computer can find information about his movements.
While the data on the movement of the phone seems to remain on the device and computer, with which he is synchronized, and are not passed beyond them. Information is collected continuously and stored permanently - if a person bought after the iPhone 3G a new version of the smartphone, iPhone 4, it will copy the data on its past movements.
Ward and Allan have even created a program (as long as the version for PC Mac), which allows you to visualize the collected data on the device location.
"espionage function " allows anyone - a jealous wife, private detective or law enforcement agencies - to identify where the owner of the Apple device was on a certain day and hour.
The researchers also suggest that this function - plan for implementation in future versions iOS new features. Perhaps, Apple thinks about how to offer mobile advertising, which varies depending on their location.

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